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Senior Profiles: Men's Lacrosse

men's lacrosse 2021 senior profiles

Profiles of the 15 seniors on the Muhlenberg men's lacrosse team in the Class of 2021.
Tue Jun 15, 2021
Muhlenberg senior athletes typically submit Q&A profiles that appear in their Senior Day game programs. Since some teams did not have Senior Days in 2020-21 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and attendance was limited for the ones that did happen, we will run them all on, one sport at a time. Following is a sampling of the full senior profiles for the men's lacrosse team.

What is your favorite Muhlenberg lacrosse memory? Beating Dickinson 15-9. My freshman year we lost to them by over 10 goals and it just showed us how great our program has become. - Ethan Grossman

My favorite Muhlenberg lacrosse memory was spring break in Nashville my freshman year. - Jacob Sarrel

What are your future plans? Future plans are DevOps Engineer at Sectigo, global leader in cybersecurity solutions to secure websites, connected devices, applications and digital identities. - Alexander Giaquinto

I will be pursuing my master's in public policy at American University this coming fall. - Zachary Cooper

I will be working at ADP as an inside sales associate. - Cole Draghi

What are some of the life lessons lacrosse has taught you? I think the most important life lesson that lacrosse has taught me is the importance of being a good teammate. When you have a group of people that are all focused and striving for the same goal, you are able to accomplish much more than what is possible individually. - Matt Hager

Lacrosse has taught me many things in my long playing career, but the most important life lesson I've learned is to always keep pushing yourself and those around you in order to achieve success. - Jack Reilly

Why did you choose Muhlenberg? I knew I wanted to go to a smaller school, and the 'Berg was just that. However, I was drawn to it because it didn't "feel" small. Also, the dining hall. - Sam Elias

I chose Muhlenberg because of the bond the lacrosse team had with each other, as well as the quality of academics here. - Brandon Moyer

Muhlenberg is an hour away from my hometown. During my college search, I wanted to be close to home and at a small school. Muhlenberg was the perfect fit. - Dominick DiStefano

How have you grown as a person and a student-athlete from the adversity you've faced this past year? I've grown by refocusing my perspective on things that really matter, devoting time to those activities and people, and minimizing and eradicating actions and people that are not advantageous for my future. - PJ Lombara

Over the past year, I have learned to take nothing for granted. The seniors are grateful to have one last chance to compete, and every moment we have left to play lacrosse means a lot to us. - Anthony Scozzafava

What are you most thankful for? I am most thankful for the endless sacrifices my family has made to put me where I am today. The countless tutoring sessions, practices, games, the list could go on ... my family has given me the resources to become the best individual I can be. - Michael Fodi

I am most thankful for having the opportunity to play lacrosse at this school. Originally I transferred here to play football and football only. Coach Plunket and Coach Stone both gave me an opportunity to join the lacrosse team and it was the best decision I ever made. After taking a year off from lacrosse my freshman year I realized how much I missed the sport and I owe these coaches for giving me a chance to play the sport I love again. - Matt Burke

I'm most thankful for the friendships I've made during my time at Muhlenberg College. The camaraderie our team possesses is surreal. - Aaron Rudnet