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- ATH 285: Spc Top: Queer Ethnography

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This course engages in a broad reading of contemporary ethnographies of nonnormative genders and sexualities, broadly defined as "queer." Our emphasis will be on understanding anthropology's contribution to and relationship with gay and lesbianqueer studies and queer theory. In doing so, the class will ground itself in several critical "classic" texts in order to trace a rough genealogy of "queer anthropology" as a subdiscipline. From there, we will be reading, talking, and writing about current debates and developments in the field and what the future of a queer anthropology of gender and sexuality may hold.
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Section 00 - Traditional Day

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    Course earns 1.00 units with a Maximum Enrollment of 20
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    TR, 2:00 PM-3:15 PM
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    Maura Finkelstein