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266: FYS: Do Robots Dream?

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From 19th century mechanical automata to C3PO to Siri, our concept of humanoid machines has shifted from the alien to the personal. And as technologies have interpenetrated our bodies and daily lives, it becomes harder to maintain the boundaries between what is natural and what is artificially constructed. What distinguishes humans from machines Do new technologies open up our human potential or dehumanize us Should we care if our machines are smarter than us In this course, we will trace how artificial intelligence has been represented in literature, film, visual art, and popular culture to discover how robot identities have challenged our concepts of human identity. With a particular focus on the figure of the female, racialized, an
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Section 00 - Traditional Day

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    Course earns 1.00 units with a Maximum Enrollment of 0
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    TR, 12:30 PM-1:45 PM
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    Irene Chien