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179: FYS: The Haunted Stage

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Perhaps it's not an accident that when we leave a lamp on overnight in a theatre, we call at a ghost light. In many times and places, theatre has trafficked in ghosts. Many prominent playwrights e.g. August Strindberg, Samuel Beckett, SuzanLori Parks, Rajiv Joseph, Annie Baker count ghost stories among their most admired works. Why do ghosts walk the stage in so many theatrical traditions, spread across time, space, and culture This course examines the confluence between theatre and the spectral. What happens when ghosts appear onstage Often, theatrical ghosts impel the living to answer the claims of a traumatic, unresolved past. What do these hauntings reveal about the shape of personal memory Of collective memory We wil
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Section 00 - Traditional Day

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    Course earns 1.00 units with a Maximum Enrollment of 0
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    MW, 12:30 PM-1:45 PM
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    James Peck